The Jurassic Games 1980 Hindi Dual Audio Full HD Movie Download

The Jurassic Games 1980 Hindi Dual Audio Full HD Movie Download

The Jurassic Games 1980 Hindi Dual Audio Full HD Movie Download

Action, Adventure, Horror
Size: 300MB
Language: Hindi – English
Quality: BluRay (480p)
Director: Ryan Bellgardt
Writers: Ryan Bellgardt, Galen Christy
Stars: Ryan Merriman, Perrey Reeves, Adam Hampton
Starring Adam Hampton, Katie Burgess, Ryan Merriman, Cate Jones, Erika Daly, Perrey Reeves, Tiger Sheu and Luke Wyckoff.

In an alternate future, the proliferation of reality TV has finally reached its logical conclusion; total global domination! It’s at that point where even our legal proceedings- and more worryingly, the practice of capital punishment itself- have been bastardised into a sick form of televised entertainment, complete with vomitous merchandising and vulgar corporate sponsors.

Baaghi 3


With tasteless spectacle having usurped fair trial and due-process, the emphasis is no longer upon determining the guilt or innocence of the accused. Instead, it is all about sentencing them to the goriest and most sensational ends imaginable. Enter

The Jurassic Games’’: an annual tournament that has convicts fight to the death, in an attempt to secure their freedom. All they have to do is emerge as the last one standing and they get to go home.

Only there’s a twist! Whilst this might appear to be a straightforward free-for-all, teamwork is still advised, as the contestants have more to worry about than just each other. Indeed, there are bigger, badder, toothier things to contend with in the arena.

Things like: oversized prehistoric insects; deadly sabre-toothed cats and (as the title suggests) ferocious dinosaurs.

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